Working Student Scholarship

$1000 scholarship to students who’ve worked during their academic career

Our Scholarship

Here at College Movers, we know that it’s hard and sometimes impossible to work your way through college AND graduate debt-free. That is why we want to help out the next generation of students by offering the College Movers Working Student Scholarship, a scholarship for the working student. A portion of every move will be donated to this scholarship. The number of awards available may vary, however, this scholarship will be awarded to at least one lucky individual per cycle who is attending college within one year of the award and has worked during their career as a student. Applications will be accepted from current college students, seniors in high school, and people wishing to return to school.

College Movers Working Student Scholars will receive a $1000 scholarship. All funds will be sent directly to the winner’s school.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be planning to attend college within one year of the award and must have worked at some point during their career as a student. The applicant is not required to have worked through the entirety of their career as a student. However, they must have been employed for at least one year (total) during which time they were a student (high school or college), and must provide proof of employment.

This is a semi-annual scholarship. Applicants must apply on or before December 15th, 2020 and/or June 15th.  The application includes an essay (minimum 500 words) about a time in your life when you, your family, or a friend moved away and how it impacted you. Alternatively, the essay can be about the struggles of balancing school and work. This does not have to be in traditional essay format, click here to see an essay that isn’t in a traditional format.

Selection Process

Essays will be reviewed and critiqued by our (blinded) selection committee. Stronger essays will have a better chance of winning.The winner(s) of the College Mover’s Working Student Scholarship will be announced within one month of the respective deadline. Additional information may need to be collected before the winner receives the scholarship.


Essays may be posted on our website for the public to see. This does not indicate a winner.

If we are unable to contact the winner(s) within seven days, the next best candidate(s) will be awarded