Our Story

It all started in 2017 as a conversation between two friends in a college dorm room. One of Collin’s close friends had been working for a moving company at the time and urged Collin to start his own. Collin saw an opportunity to make some extra cash while attending school full-time, so he started “Collin’s Movers.” His first job was moving a dresser across town. He didn’t have a truck at the time, so he borrowed his friend’s manual pick-up. Being the optimist, Collin figured after a couple YouTube videos, he would be an expert at driving stick.… He was very wrong. During that move, he stalled out more than six times, but luckily, Collin, the truck, AND the dresser all made it without a scratch.

When Collin booked jobs that needed multiple people, he would call up his friends to see if they could help. On a good day, he’d only have to call 10 friends to get one to work with him. After a customer commented about all the mover’s being college students, Collin realized what the company name should really be: “College Movers.”

To get more business for the newly named College Movers, Collin started advertising on Craigslist. Soon customers began requesting help with larger moves, needing entire homes and shops relocated across town. Some customers would boast about how much money they saved by renting the truck themselves rather hiring a full-service moving company. They claimed to have spent four times less than quotes they received from other other moving companies. To continue this money-saving effect, College Movers stopped providing trucks and became a labor-only moving service.

College Movers LLC  was officially founded in June, 2019. We continue to provide affordable rates through our labor-only alternative, and staff the company solely with current students and recent graduates. We also commit a portion of our revenue to our scholarship fund in an effort to continually support working student.

Our Model: Empower Local Business

We’re a little different from your average moving company. Most moving companies fall into two categories: 

  • Traditional: Full-service, employee operated.
    • Typically more expensive, less control of your items, but hands-off.
    • Example: Two Men and a Truck
  • New-Age: Labor-only, fueled by the gig-economy.
    • Cheap, hands-on, but typically thinly spread due to the scalability
    • Example: Think Uber or Lyft, but for moving
We're somewhere in the middle...

We enable local entrepreneurial-minded folks to start their own company with little start-up cost. We help them get started, and make it easy for them to utilize the gig-economy to be able to compete with the prices of our overextended competitors. We eliminate the ridiculous upfront cost of developing and maintaining a website, creating and managing ads, and expensive custom apparel. 

Now more than ever, it is getting more and more complex and expensive to own, start, and manage a company. Which is why we decided to provide the technological backbone to help people own, grow, and manage their very own local small business. We’re not a franchise, we’re not the Uber of moving, we’re something totally different.